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Speech and Language Services


Do you have communication concerns? 


We can determine if there is a need for an evaluation or services. We can also provide ideas to promote communication during everyday activities or to make sure you are on the right track.

Contact us for your free consultation today!


We can provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best next steps. Evaluation areas can include articulation (speech sounds), language - expressive and receptive, social skills, fluency (stuttering), Autism Spectrum Disorders, augmentative and alternative communication, cognition/executive functioning, auditory processing disorders, apraxia. 


Please reach out to determine if an evaluation is right for you and information regarding specific evaluation pricing.

Therapy Services

We provide speech and language therapy in-home as well as at our two convenient office locations. Areas include articulation, language, fluency, social skills and therapy related to autism spectrum disorders and much, much more. We design a therapy program to fit your specific needs! Services could also include our therapy dog!  


 Please request more information for a service delivery specific to your needs.

Other Services


Are you a daycare or agency that works with children with or without special needs and want to know how to make your business more 'kid friendly' in the area of language? Are you a parent or parent group that would like more information about communication? Contact us for further information.

Career Assistance

Are you a graduate student who would like real world information heading in to interviews, internships or your CFY experience? We can help with job searching tailored to your interests and location, walk you through an interview process and help you land your first job in the perfect career! Contact us for more information.

Seminar and Campus Visits

Are you a collegiate professor or clinical director looking for real world insight to share with your students in the area of Speech Language Pathology? Contact us to create a seminar or visit that will be tailored to your student, department and university needs.

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